Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Branding Alphabet - with domains for sale.

                People have different opinions and approaches on "How to launch a new brand or business in market and spark right away?"

It is not a cinch. Here are three wAys to success:  Audience, Approach and Accessibility.

          Think of - who will buy it? If it is interesting enough to appeal more and more people. Is there any close competitor? If you are thinking a common brand - what is the trait that will set you above all others?
           For example, if you are thinking an apparel brand, what is your brand's significant? Highlight that quality to your audience.

           Name you select for your brand plays a significant role in launch. Perfect name for one brand may not be good for other. Every business has different audience and so is perfect name for. Perfect name with catchy domain name creates a solid foundation. 
            Speaking of name, I will go for brand able names over descriptive and classic ones. Brand able names are easy to expand and brand. Here are some of the best brand able domains for sale: AvantUp
           How if I want to buy something and it is not taking payment method I use? Or not sold at the market I shop? New brand should be visible at all major ecommerce sites. Create your presence on social media. If possible, describe the benefits of your brand over other similar products available.

Ways to digital branding - how to spark.
          In domain market, I don't know why people cares so much for the age of domain? Agree, it helps your brand launch, however it is not only thing you should bet your venture on. If that traffic is not for your brand, I don't see big benefit. Some of big name brands today, started their business with totally different domain name. Once they got settled, bought domain and made market presence even stronger. 

Next post has some of my favorite domains for sale, Domains for sale.

If you need more information on what this branding is, please see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_branding

Many more coming up, please check back again.

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